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implants international No. 3, 2021
In this issue: Editorial / Delayed immediate implant placement and direct soft-tissue management / Restorative simplicity for a challenging case with limited space / Immediate fixed full-arch rehabilitation of periodontitis patients / Graft volumetric changes of collagenated xenograft - For the 3D reconstruction of atrophic maxillae / Dental lasers against peri-implantitis / Successful rehabilitation of an anterior tooth / On remaining vigilant - An interview with Julien Benhamou, TBR, France / The inventor of the Bicon system has passed away Thomas Driskell, 1928—2021 / Manufacturer news / Dental implant quality under scrutiny / News /

implants international No. 2, 2021
In this issue: Editorial / Successful immediate implant loading—According to the Socket Shield Technique / Rehabilitation of the anterior maxillary area with immediate implant placement / A new approach for patients on direct oral anti-coagulant medication / Combining orthodontics with a zirconia collar implant / Correction of a vertical fracture and a subsequent infection / Full-mouth implant reconstruction using zygomatic and standard implants / Industry / Manufacturer news / Events /

implants international No. 1, 2021
In this issue: Editorial / The key role of vitamin D in immune health and regeneration / Immediate rehabilitation of a completely edentulous maxilla / Effectively designing the aesthetic zone / Pre-prosthetic periodontal plasty with the Er:YAG laser / Industry / Manufacturer news / News /

implants international No. 4, 2020
In this issue: Editorial / Professional implant management / SEM investigation of implant surface characteristics / Mandibular dentigerous cyst - Enucleation and bone reconstruction / Combining standard and ultrashort implants in full-mouth rehabilitation - 18 months of follow-up / Interproximal root spreading for narrow implant placement / Immediate placement of a new fully tapered tissue-level implant / Practice strategies in the time of the coronavirus / Manufacturer news / News /

implants international No. 3, 2020
In this issue: Editorial / Er:YAG laser scanner for implant site preparation / Successful restoration of the maxilla and mandible / New zygomatic implant design / More efficient workflows for crestal bone preservation / The art of ultra-aesthetic dentistry / Bringing titanium and zirconia together in one implant / Manufacturer News / DGZI Special / News /

implants international No. 2, 2020
In this issue: Editorial / CBCT bone-densitometry for pre-surgical decision-making / A viable alternative for complex clinical situations / Explantation of an implant in a heavy smoker / Industry / Practice strategies in the age of corona / The perfect link between man and technology / Manufacturer News / DGZI Special / News /

implants international No. 1, 2020
In this issue: Editorial / The dos and don’ts in the handling of PRF / Success rate of dental implants in heavy smokers / Implant-retained overdenture on a very thin bone ridge / Peri-implant bone regeneration through laser decontamination - Endoscopic paracrestal tunnel technique / Sixteen years of follow-up after insertion of a Z1 implant / Industry / Practice Management: Feedback done right! / Interview: Reshaping implantology - New solution to reduce guesswork of site preparation / Interview: The link between oral disease and oxidative stress / Manufacturer News / News /

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